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Flood Runner

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_thumb_200x200Flood Runner  is a very popular,interesting and exciting online game.This game is a platform survival , where you have to run, run and run again . Run, jump and glide across platforms , avoiding obstacles. The more you play , the more you open opportunities and things that you can do.This game helps you to develop reaction and speed of thinking it can be played by everyone beginning  from children and ending  adults. The game should be played with the buttons located on your keyboard , use the ” Up” button to jump, Space to jumb upper.

Jump, glide, and surf your way to safety, don’t slow down though, you’ll be swept away in the wall of water chasing you from behind. Among them and the tsunami and earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions . And amid all this we are trying to escape. And then we will be very useful ability to double jump and planning.In this game you play as a little man who must reach the end of the level and collect as many point as it possible Run , jump , fly , use everything that comes – springs , trampolines – get away ! Collect bonuses to complete successfully  the level .As you progress through the levels playing become more difficult and more interesting. This game is really very interesting and popular in it`s category .Playing Flood Runner you will not waste your  time is  because gaming will remain you a lot of positive emotions and sensations. Our site provides you with a full and free version of this game . You can play and enjoy as much as you like . We wish you a pleasant time-of activity .

Flood Runner, 7.9 out of 10 based on 17 ratings